Whether your aim is to get in shape, blow-off steam, learn a new skill, build stronger family bonds, compete or just add some excitement to your routine, 4POINTS BJJ can help you get there.

As a member of our adult BJJ team, you’ll benefit from our structured curriculum (at every level), personal attention and detailed instruction. We cater to both men and women, from beginners to advanced, with a commitment to helping you reach your goals. Each one of us here has started at the beginning, just like you, so you can count on coaches and other students to be accessible, helpful and welcoming.


4Points Head Instructor David Thompson is a Brazilian Top Team Black Belt under Fabio Holanda. Born and raised in Montreal, David started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in order to get in shape and blow-off some steam. After falling in love with the intellectual aspect of the sport (and losing 30 lbs. in the first 3 months), he decided to make Jiu Jitsu a part of his daily life. He has taught in Montreal, Ottawa, Mexico and Dubai and opened the first jiu jitsu academy in eastern Africa, before settling here in Toronto. With a background in engineering, David has a detailed and conceptual approach to teaching that is rooted in logic and efficiency.


We pride ourselves on providing a safe, positive and familiar environment, where you are free to set your own goals and learn at your own pace. We make the learning process as simple as possible by breaking down each technique step by step, consistently reviewing material, following a curriculum and keeping you mentally and physically engaged.

Beginner: This the perfect place to start for beginners. We have designed this class to be focused on teaching you the basics of movement and BJJ concepts as well as incrementally build your physical strength and endurance. It’s fun and we’re often told not long enough. Fortunately this strategic stepping stone brings you smoothly into your next level after about 40 hours of mat time 1HOUR

Advanced: After you receive your first stripe you will have access to our advanced classes where your focus will turn to learning the curriculum needed to progress to your blue belt.

OPEN MAT: Every Saturday afternoon we encourage you to come ask questions try out new moves and get extra rounds in. Its an open gym time where you can get free tutoring, blow off steam or just hang out.


Takedowns: This class is lead by Olympian Wrestler & Judo Black Belt Ohenewa Akuffo. A carefully curated selection of techniques from both sports are expertly broken down and practised until perfected. 1.5HOUR