10 Great Reasons to Start Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Talk to virtually anyone who has been doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for about a month or more and you may not be able to shut them up about it. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. Depending on who you talk to, you’ll get different but equally extensive lists of benefits people have personally experienced as a direct result of training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Here is a list of benefits you will hear repeated often. NOTE TO PARENTS: This list still applies to kids and teens however we have a list of benefits just for them HERE.




You start making less excuses and as a result, start getting more of what you really want out of life. As you train with your new teammates in a welcoming environment, it's easy to become invested in getting better. Your mind and body are presented with stimulating new challenges AS WELL AS the opportunity/resources to conquer them. BJJ is a game not based on chance but on choices, hard work and experience. The harder your push yourself, the better you get. YOU are in full control of your progress and all you have to do is keep showing up. This attitude adjustment creeps into every aspect of your life making you more proactive in going after the things you want and more disciplined in achieving them.


BJJ has a unique playful and game-like quality that is reminiscent of wrestling with friends and siblings for fun as a kid. You don't mind being sweaty, out of breath and defeated by your training partners. You're playing HUMAN CHESS! Your mind is too busy having fun, learning and being rewarded to care that your body is engaged in an intense workout. You are pumped full of endorphins and after a healthy meal and some rest, you can't wait to go again! You start looking for ways to train, find solutions to areas of difficulty and enthusiastically try to out do yourself every class.


Your body is constantly in motion at various intensities throughout your 1 to 2.5h at the academy. Whether you are slowly reviewing steps or trying them out when rolling, your body is gaining agility, speed, strength, flexibility, endurance and muscle memory. You are burning a lot of calories a couple times a week and you're surrounded by people who are also interested in adopting healthier eating habits and lifestyle choices. This mentality becomes contagious so the way you care for your body begins to change on it's own.



As you observe everyone around you use failure constructively, you yourself will begin to view “defeat” as a valuable tool in your own success and take pride in your growing resilience.Your creative problem solving skills are sharper and and your strategic planning skills are faster and more efficient. You begin to view challenge and adversity as an exciting game of chess, making it easier to tackle more opportunities and challenges that once intimidated you in your day to day life.


If you are the kind of person who has to drag themselves to the gym or cant seem to make it there at all, there's a good chance you're the kind of person we will have to drag OUT of the academy at the end of the night. Many BJJ practitioners will tell you that they were never able to stick to a traditional workout routine or healthy eating habits until AFTER they started training BJJ. Usually BJJ gave them the reason and desire to further condition and fuel their bodies as well as the support and company of peers to get them motivated to stay accountable.


Once you own a GI and a belt, you become a card-carrying member of a massive international community that starts right here at 4Points BJJ. As you continue to train and post pictures in your GI, you notice new followers on social media who share your passion for the sport. You will start to recognise some of them as you attend tournaments to support your training partners or compete yourself. When you travel, you pack your GI, send out a few messages to local BJJ players you'd like to meet and academies you’d like to visit. You'll make friends all over the world who welcome you with open arms and add a whole new level to your travel experience.



BJJ is unique. You are fully responsible for yourself, your training and your performance but we work very closely as a team. In fact, you can't do BJJ without your teammates. Your 4Points teammates become your friends and you build close bonds with them based on mutual respect, shared experience, support and acceptance. They push you, encourage you, teach you, learn from you and rely on you not just to do your best, but to push them to do the same. Many students use BJJ as a way to strengthen existing bonds with friends, family and partners. We have parents who train with their kids, couples, siblings and friends who start their BJJ journey together and become closer as a result.


Stephen Kesting said it best: “The single most important thing you can do is to become comfortable with close proximity and non-sexual physical contact. If you’re talking to a cashier 5 feet away then you’re probably feeling comfortable.  If that person comes out from behind the register and stands with his or her forehead 2 inches away from yours then things just got weird and you might freak out and/or freeze.  But that’s exactly what happens in a fight or in an assault.  Unless you train in grappling and desensitize yourself to this range, your brain can shut off on you, and you need to keep thinking all the time in situations like this!”



Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins!!!!! In addition to the physical benefits, there are also fantastic mental and emotional benefits. Jiu Jitsu training conditions you for mental endurance, problem solving, critical thinking, patience and creativity. It teaches you to stay cool under pressure and deal with stress gracefully. Additionally, there are also all of the general mental benefits of exercise such as higher natural release of endorphins, confidence and overall brainpower. 


No kicking or punching means you can train as hard as you want on a regular basis with a much lower risk of injury. Boxers for example cannot spar everyday as they will take too many shots to the head. We can spar every class and practice all our techniques keeping us ready for any real time situation we may encounter.


The hardest part is breaking that old habit of making excuses long enough to let the new habit catch on. You question and judge yourself for not being perfect at something you’ve never done before.

You are not alone. We have all been there for a time.

Ask yourself: Would you support your kids in adopting this type of attitude towards their abilities, trying new things that interest them or confronting challenges? We encourage you to consider treating yourself with the same care, patience and belief as you want them to treat themselves.

No commitment, no equipment and no excuses required.