Help Yourself to the Best 10 Tips for BJJ Beginners

There are a lot of questions to BJJ. Not only if you’re training at a new gym, but mostly if you’re completely new to BJJ.

Luckily, we are here for you.

As a beginner-friendly BJJ academy, we are often advising our newest BJJ students with the inside scoop of what BJJ is and represents, what you need to do before starting, how to prepare and whatnot.

We thought this might help all of you who have decided to give BJJ a try but have no clue where to start or what to expect. Here are the Best 10 Tips for BJJ Beginners:


1. Learn what BJJ is

Do your homework! This will help you understand the philosophy behind BJJ, the history and how it has come to be what it is today. Creating a basic understanding will allow you to take the next step, which we believe is…


2. Know your WHY -

We are all humans, we all need a reason and it’s important you channel that reason into setting strong short-term goals that will help you progress into your BJJ practice.


3.  Own a BJJ Survival Kit  -

All you need to BJJ fits in a gym bag: your gi, a change of clothes, rashguard, deodorant, small towel, water bottle, tape, bandaids, hair elastics, mouthguard.


4. Use the appropriate clothing -

We wish you no rashes. This is why it’s very important you know what to wear beneath your GI. Fitted T-shirts are a great starter point! Later one, you might want to consider Rash Guards - here @4Points we carry a line of apparel that will help you cover this need!  


5. Be patient with yourself -

Don’t despair if you felt it's harder than you thought! You need to be patient with your progress and allow yourself to have err, giving yourself plenty of room for failure, only this way is that we all learn!


6. Ask many questions -

One of the beautiful things about BJJ, is its community and how supportive we are of one another. Asking questions, sharing your experience is a must. Connect, make friends and you’ll see how easygoing the efforts and hardwork are.

Don’t forget the instructors! They are the quickest most efficient way of clearing all your doubts and concerns!


7. Get yourself some Epsom Salts -

Your body will go through a lot in the first couple classes - you’ll experience new muscle activation which most likely will lead you to sore muscles. Take an Epsom Salt bath afterwards. This will help you soothe your muscles and have you ready to go for your next class!


8. Remain open to feedback -

Its probable your classmates have been practicing BJJ longer than you. Being open to their advice and constructive feedback is another great way of progressing!


9. Be prepared to embrace a new side of you -

We can all be surprised by what our body and mind can do. BJJ is empowering - and it is something you will notice in your first class. It’s important you embrace this ‘new’ part of you using it towards your progress and goal-setting.


10. Have fun -

Whatever your purpose is, it is important you learn to have fun and enjoy the moment. Be proud of your progress!

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- 4Points Team