The Importance of BJJ for Women

Yes. BJJ is great for Self Defence. But while this is one of the more popular reasons women consider training, the benefits are much broader and can improve a woman’s quality of life in a variety of ways.

Self Defence is a valuable “bi-product” of BJJ for those who train regularly. By consistently training and refining your skills, and the reflex of when where and how to use them, you develop a deep and authentic confidence, that in itself makes you an undesirable target for an abusive individuals."

We understand that in certain circles, sports, activities and behaviors are still cosidered appropriate for men OR women. We as an academy belive BJJ is for anyone who is willing to join us on the Mats.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu offers everyone a unique opportunity to benefit physically, mentally and holistically from its practice.

The benefits of training BJJ are more often than not very personal and determined by the individual and not their gender however due to the average difference between men and women, some benefits appear more popular with women.

BJJ is for everyone, and anybody can do BJJ.

Moving forward, the objective in this Blog post is to focus on WHY you should be trying BJJ if you’re a woman, why it’s beneficial, why there’s more to it than just Self Defence and reinforcing what most practitioners already know.


Let’s give it a go!




Mind & Body. Constantly challenged and pushed to their limits as well with tools like critical thinking and problem-solving in order to overcome them. BJJ is a body chess, based on choices and hard work. We believe you are in total control of what you do, how you move, where you go next, how far you’ll let your opponent go, you learn to read them in order to use your strengths and their weaknesses to your advantage. You are conscious of both your and their movements.

This brain activity allows you to know your body, to know how it consciously (or not) decides in a matter of seconds, what’s the next move. Because of this, one can say you’re in full consciousness l of your mind and your body, allowing you to take control of it. This leads us to the second point.


52259253_344260356175765_7680318191528050688_n.jpgFOCUS ON THE POWER OF YOUR BODY


By understanding what your body is, how far it can go, what it can overcome you put the focus on WHAT YOUR BODY CAN DO, rather than focusing on WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE.

Both men and women are more and more aware of what their body looks like, and while yes, BJJ is great for loosing weight and it allows you to maintain a great shape, it is also powerful. In many ways you’ll feel empowered, you’ll discover a new side of you you didn’t even know it existed. “Wow my body can do this!”. This is exactly it. This only rapidly transfers to every aspect of your life as you learn to understand mind and body can do A LOT together and if correctly stimulated, rather than only what it looks like from the outside.

Abilities VS Appearance.




It is not helpful to think you’ll ever be in a situation where you need to defend yourself. We wish you never be in a situation like this. But listen, if you are, you got tons of practice. Unfortunately, assaults are present on our society and numbers seem to keep increasing more and more. We are 100% invested on our students to learn Self Defence through BJJ and for them to have that confidence and self-trust to be able to remain calm in a certain situation, where they can search for a safe place and ask for help.

By practicing with men, you get “a feel” of what a male body can do and what it feels like in proximity. You learn to get comfortable and you learn how to read your opponent, scanning through their weak points and using your strengths to your advantage. Practicing with different ages, sizes and shapes will only put you a step closer to being able to be confident in any given situation. This mental endurance, problem solving, critical thinking, patience and creativity, teaches women to stay cool under pressure and deal with stress gracefully - becoming extremely powerful and therefore prepared to deal with situations if it becomes necessary.




You might think you don’t stand a chance to a bigger, much stronger opponent. But yes you do. No matter what your opponent’s body size & shape is, in BJJ only your abilities matter. BJJ is a martial art designed to dominate opponents by using technique over strength. A “body chess” some might call it, where you have to figure out the next step in order to block them. It’s a mind game.

BJJ is overcoming obstacles rather than pushing for strength. (Don’t take me wrong it does help - but it does not end there). As mentioned earlier, you learn to read your opponent, how they move, how are they likely to move in order to anticipate. That is the beauty of BJJ; it’s for all body types. Men and women are in fact built differently, each is afforded their own set of benefits and advantages on the mats.

If size is stopping you, please do yourself a favour and step into the matts already. You’ll quickly learn how to use your body in your favour and you would see how efficient it is to be quick and agile rather than big and strong.




A strong-minded woman that knows herself and it’s in control of her own destiny and can handle herself, will always be a positive role model for others, not only girls, but other woman and men. As a BJJ practitioner, you are providing others with a model of someone who practices healthy habits, is disciplined and most importantly, knows what they want and is not afraid to go get it - despite how hard or what’s to be said about her.

In every way, this also applies to men. But often the importance of our young girls having strong, positive role models in their lives has become more preeminent. Try and think a close woman in your life that might need this role model in their life, think of the impact it could do for them to have someone who is self-determined, consistent, strong-minded, courageous, empowered… list goes on.

Let woman empower each other.


There you have it.

We look forward to seeing you on the mats.

- 4Points Team