In order to find our greatness and reach our full potential, we must be equipped to conquer challenge. Our youth programs are founded on these principles and we put focus on the practice of a healthy attitude towards personal challenge and goal setting. In class, they are encouraged to push themselves and each other by testing and expanding their abilities and in a safe and controlled environment, allowing them to expand their comfort zone with confidence. 

Using a structured curriculum, positive reinforcement, respect, fun and a sense of personal responsibility, we aim to foster your child's best qualities and valuable life skills like perseverance, work ethic and leadership. re encouraged, to be proactive in their own training and to help each other improve, through mutual sharing of experience and knowledge. They make great friends and leaders! While inspiring them to be the best versions of themselves in class, we arm them with the qualities and tools they will later use to pursue opportunities for success in all areas of life.


KIDS I ( AGE 4-6)

This class is tailored for kids 4-6 years old who are new and working towards their first stripe. We aim to build the focus and discipline required to become successful learners while developing the required physical and athletic skills needed for most sports. Agility, body mechanics, spacial awareness, reflexes, flexibility, strength, endurance and mental/physical resilience are all cultivated in this class. Kids in this program quickly learn to follow instructions and are celebrated for their efforts and tenacity.

KIDS II (AGE 7-11)


These classes are tailored for kids ages 7 to 11 with or without experience. These classes focus on developing critical thinking skills, self confidence, emotional and physical resilience, work ethic and autonomy through the learning and application of complex Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques and principles. Our kids can not only demonstrate several of these detailed techniques within a few months, but kids as young as 8 are able to lead a group of their peers with confidence and skill. The focus of this program is to develop the characteristics required for long term success on and off the mats.


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From camps to workouts and fitness for busy parents, check out our programs designed with you and your kids in mind.


Our specialized competition training program, is lead by Olympian Ohenewa Akuffo. It currently holds a maximum of 10-12 students who are selected based on their desire to compete, attitudes towards training and availability. Contact us for details.

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4 Points BJJ youth instructor Ayisha Issa is a Brazilian Top Team purple belt and 2 time IBJJF World Champion. She came across Brazilian Jiu Jitsu while looking for an activity that would keep her in shape, was fun and would challenge her in a way a traditional gym could not. Soon after she started training and competing in BJJ, she noticed a positive change in her self confidence and self motivation that was spilling over into other areas of her life. Ayisha combined her love of Jiu Jitsu with her affinity for youth development and has visited various schools and youth organizations hosting seminars that help foster confidence, perseverance and other valuable qualities in young people. With a background in film and television acting, Ayisha takes an animated and high energy approach to coaching. She encourages youth to discover and value their individual strengths and to stay focused on their personal goals, all while having fun and embracing the learning process.

Our youth programs focus on:

Confidence & Self Esteem

Self defense

Goal Setting

Problem Solving Skills

Leadership & Responsibility

Respect for self / others

Autonomy Perseverance

Strength / Endurance / Flexibility

Agility & Spacial Awareness