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David Thompson

4Points Black Belt head instructor David Thompson is a Brazilian Top Team Black Belt under Fabio Holanda. Born and raised in Montreal, David started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in order to get in shape and blow off some steam. After falling in love with the intellectual aspect of the sport and losing a significant amount of weight, he decided to make Jiu Jitsu a part of his daily life.

He has taught in Montreal, Ottawa, Mexico and Dubai and also opened the first Jiu Jitsu academy in Eastern Africa before settling here in Toronto. With a background in Engineering, David has a detailed and conceptual approach to teaching that is rooted in logic and efficiency.

With over 15 years of experience as a practitioner, competitor and instructor, David has developed a reputation for being patient, detail oriented and EXCEPTIONALLY good at breaking down BJJ in a way that everyone can understand. David’s private students include international Royalty, CEOs and every day people looking to better their lives with BJJ.

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Ohenewa Akuffo

Ohenewa is an Olympian freestyle wrestler for Canada and a Judo Black Belt who competed in Olympic-style wrestling for 20 years. Throughout her career as a high-performance athlete, Ohenewa has represented Canada in several World Championships as well as the Commonwealth Games and the Pan American Games. She lends her priceless experience as an elite takedown artist to our team of kids and adults on a weekly basis.


Ayisha Issa

4Points BJJ Youth Instructor Ayisha Issa is a Brazilian Top Team brown Belt, 2 time IBJJF World Champion and award winning Film and TV actress. She found Brazilian Jiu Jitsu while looking to stay in shape and challenge herself. Soon after she started training in BJJ, she noticed a positive change in her self-confidence and personal resilience that was spilling over into other areas of her life.

Ayisha combines her love of Jiu Jitsu with her affinity for youth development to help foster confidence, perseverance and other valuable qualities in young people. With a successful career as a film and television actress, Ayisha takes an animated and high energy approach to coaching. She wants your kids to discover and value the true power of their inner strength and can be counted on to push them towards greatness with positivity and encouragement.

Ayisha’s reputation is one of intensity, motivational skill and efficiency and she’s well known for her no-nonsense, fun and friendly approach that’s popular with kids and teens.

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