TEENS (11-14)


As our younger student move into their teen years, age appropriate programming that challenges them and teaches them healthy values becomes an essential tool in their growth and development. Youth of this age tend to prioritize friendship, so we have provided them with a positive and inspiring environment, where they can bond with their peers while gaining new and transferable skills. 
We provide teens with a variety of class settings and training options to choose from by allowing them access to both youth and adult classes. This insures they can work at their own pace and pursue their interests within the sport such as leadership and coaching, competition or simply recreation.

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We were so lucky to find this gym. Initially we were trying to find self-defense program for our 13 year old daughter and came cross 4PointsBJJ. Now it’s not only my daughter practicing, my husband joined the training as well. We’ve been seeing many kids and parents practicing together at 4PointBJJ. No need to mention how skillful and competent David and Ayisha are on BJJ technics. They know very well how to teach and give great instructions. But what impressed me is how good they are with kids, especially Ayisha. They are not only teaching the technics, but also enforcing good behaviors, encouraging kids to take responsibilities and creating opportunities for kids to advance themselves in every directions. My daughter told me many times that she was so inspired after the training :=) Highly recommended to every one!!!

- Emma
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JUNIORS (15-17)


Success in achieve just outside our comfort zone.
The people who are scared to “lose” or “fail” are often those who lack the skills to pursue their goals and dreams in life. In order to find our greatness and reach our full potential, we must be equipped to conquer challenges with the right tools. At 4Points young adults learn to manage challenge with preparation, goal setting and perseverance. We teach them how to process failure constructively and use defeat as a brick in their ultimate success.



Our specialized competition training classes are lead by World Champion Ayisha Issa and Olympian Ohenewa Akuffo. It currently holds a maximum of 10-12 students who are selected based on their desire to compete, attitudes towards training and availability.
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